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Where can Canadians find a broker

As for brokers for Canadians, the most honest and stable brokers in the world are the Canadian major banks
TD waterhouse (better platform than the two below)
BMO investorline (well run good service)
Scotia iTrade  (cheep – limited abaility)

However that said, Canadian brokers are not great for day trading, they don’t do futures, very limited ability to short stocks or buy US options and no real currency trading.
Some safe US brokers do take Canadian accounts:
If you want to trade Options and Futures with a very small account look into "TD Think or Swim" also I love the interface, what great charts and analytics. ToS option decay graphs are the best in the world, they can track Theta burn better than you can on a Bloomberg terminal. If you have a major account and trade size frequently like I do, you can use Interactive Bro…