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Corporate Welfare and the Makers of Kings

Lets start by me saying, I am no left-wing business-hating nut-case, I have been self-employed my whole life and never have taken an Unemployment cheque or even voted NDP. I am pro-business, but what I am taking about here is not business.  These firms are winning by having unfair political access and that's all the value/benefit they add. 
Any young person in this country can grow up to be a powerful MLA or even the Prime Minister. This is not a land where you must be from the right family or even go to the right schools to be a leader in this country. However if you want to be elected in Canada you must do one thing that is very unsavory -- you must sell your soul to one of the big Canadian Welfare Backed firms that have a financial strangle hold on every citizens life in this country. These are the firms that will give you the dollars to get your campaign advertising it needs. No bucks  -- no trip to Ottawa. But of course like the Mob, one day they will come calling to get a fav…