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July 6 2013 - Weekend Market Comment

July 6 2013 - This week a "wall of worry" about Sequester, China banks collapsing,  unrest in Egypt and a global slowdown.  Oil has been rising on the daily news about  deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi. The military is now in control but the protest are building. Still here just a shrug as the market is grinding higher.

Lets look at our favorite indicators:

Market Direction NQ:
Looks like a clear turnaround

YP Primary Sell is still in the "can't trust this market" zone but heading higher.

The NYSE above 50 day graph looks much better

I am even painting a new green arrow on the Aggressive defensive graph, that means it should be a time to buy.

What Works Now
Well I have been hyping TBT for months now and it is up 24% since I recommended it. That is nothing short of amazing.

Last week we put in a little Tata Motors exposure and we have rewarded by Vishnu, up 2.74% this week.

Electronics for Imaging
is picture perfect with a return 3.35% since recommended.

It is Full Charge ahead for the king of credit cards, up 4.5% since recommended a week ago.

What's New
I had to put some Canadian dollars to work. I purchased TransCanada Pipelines. None too exciting but not likely to blow up either and you get a 4% dividend to sit and wait. I think (hope?) the worst is over.

Stock for Thought
Energetica de Minas Gerais is a mouth full. This is a power company from Brazil that trades as an ADR on the NYSE ticker CIG. The company is one of the largest power generators and distributors in Brazil being responsible for 12% of the national distribution mostly hydro based production. Yes I hate Brazil, the resource based economy there is due for a big crash. Also look at this ugly chart from hell! No this is not the time to buy this stock, but you should be looking at it from time to time. When things get better this is a very interesting firm. The dividend right now is over 16%. Yowsers.

On a Lighter Note
It must be that the MOSSAD has all the good spies, they certainly are not in France. According to an investigation by leading French newspaper Le Monde, France’s foreign intelligence agency, the Direction Generale de la Securite Exterieure, systematically collects and records information about every line of electronic data sent by computers and telephones in the country.

Google says this Google Maps photo shows where the French are mining the internet for all this data. Note to Monsieur Jacque LaBond, if you don't want to draw attention to your trez secret hideout -- don't ask Google to blur it out. 

My disclaimer here: