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February 12, 2014 – Market Comment

February 12, 2014 – I will be on a sail trip this weekend and no there will be no blog posted this weekend.. 

The Economist Magazine this weekend had a cover story on the bumpy markets expected for equities. There are lots of gloomy stats about the January 2014 sell off, but no sooner did they publish and the markets turned a corner. The oversold bounce is in full swing as the buy the dippers are loading up with equities at sale prices. 

First lets look at what a nice firm bounce this is, I have also in red shown OBV -- it is always a good sign if OBV keeps up with the buying.

(as always click any graphic to enlarge it)

The risk on trade gains speed as the VIX makes a sharp pull back.

Ont NYSE big board more than 65% of stock are over their 50 day moving average. 

Worst hit in the sell off was the NASDAQ but the summation index is turning there too,

The Green Arrow Graph is not quite ready to draw a green arrow, but soon and it shows just how strong the pull back was this time.

What Works Now
If you have a low risk appetite consider a broad market ETF like DVY or Canadian pipelines. 

If you want more risk and return consider these tickers:
TRIP, N, KYTH, WYNN, ALXN all described previously on this blog.

Tripadvisor has a very important place on the web and one day could control most of the fate of the worlds hotels and restaurants in destination locations. This is a long term hold.