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September 01, 2018 – Weekend Market Comment

September 1, 2018 – The Bull was alive and well this week. In fact that folks was the best August in 4 years! 

U.S. stocks dropped a fraction Friday as investors took profits. The press blamed the United States and Canada approaching an artificially imposed NAFTA trade agreement deadline and sure enough, they just moved the deadline (like you could not see that coming).
But I don't think anyone really cared about that in the first place.

The Dow Jones Industrial average closed down a tiny 22 points, with losses in Boeing and Goldman Sachs offsetting gains in Apple and Nike. The S&P 500 rose a tiny 0.01 percent while the tech-heavy NASDAQ Composite traded up an insignificant 0.26 percent.

Announcing a change in the charts. The 201 Renko chart is gone, it had two problems, it really did not present a lot of useful data, especially for the short horizon the 200 series is used for and second it had look-back bias, it would redraw old bricks so if you look back a month ago you might…